Wetland delineations twice as fast.

Ecobot is a natural resources consulting platform built specifically for wetland scientists and the clients they serve.


Our customers report saving 2.5 hours per person per day in the field, and the week of post fieldwork office time has been reduced to about an hour. Here's what doing US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) delineations in half the time can do for you and your company. No other wetland delineation app provides faster, more accurate support for natural resources consultants.

Spend More Time as a Scientist

Touch data only once, and QA science, not math and Latin spelling.

Make More Money as a Company

Be more productive with the same staff, deliver more projects on time and on budget, and be more competitive on RFP responses.

Here are just a few of Ecobot's amazing features

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    Zero Onboarding Effort

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    100% Functional Offline

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    Regionally-Specific Interface, Indicators

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    Vegetation Lookup Tool / NWPL

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    Automated 50/20 Dominance

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    Automated Dominance/Prevalence

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    Instant USACE PDFs

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    Esri Partner, Map Wetland Polygons

How long would it take you to finalize a 100+ point, 300+ page USACE PDF for a JD?
It takes Ecobot just under 1 minute. Imagine: no manual calculations, no correcting your Latin spelling, no looking up indicator status for species in your region.

How many projects have been completed using Ecobot?

A lot. Thousands of customers have used Ecobot in the field to produce over 80,000 reports. The animation shows you where Ecobot has been used across the country over time, since we first launched in 2019.

Efficient. Geospatially-Smart. Accurate. Intuitive. 

We can't wait to share Ecobot with you!